This gallery shows the art i have created over the years. These works are for sale. The collages are unique pieces, they tend to sell out quickly. The fine art photography are limited editions of 5 (rarely of 10).  I have some of those artworks in stock, but size and material can be adapted to your liking in the limit of the edition. Please feel free to inquire here.


Dans cette galerie, vous trouvez les oeuvres que j’ai créé ces dernières années. Elles sont à vendre. Les collages sont des pièces uniques. Les photographies d’art sont limités à 5 exemplaires (rarement à 10). Il y a des pièces que j’ai en stock, mais les tailles et supports peuvent être adaptés selon vos désirs dans la limite de l’édition. N’hésitez pas à me demander des renseignements ici.


In deze galerij vind je de kunst die ik over de laatste jaren creëerde. Deze werken zijn te koop. De collages zijn unieke stuks. De fine art fotografische werken zijn gelimiteerd tot 5 stuks (uitzonderlijk tot 1).Een deel heb ik in stock, maar het formaat en ondergrond kunnen naar wens worden aangepast binnen de beschikbaarheid van de edities. Vraag hier gerust meer info.


This series was inspired by “februllage”, a collage challenge on instagram.

I used pages of an old book, rendering the text illegible by striking through the words in various colours. The chosen photography is related to the prompt/word of the day of the challenge. You can find the inspiring word next to the title of each piece. The stories behind them are on my  INSTAGRAM.
The works measure approximately 15 x 21 cm and cost 80€ plus shipping cost. Mail me if you want to purchase one.

DIVE INTO MANKIND is an open call to make a collage launched in the autumn of 2020 by Cera and Kunstwerkt in collaboration with M Leuven. The video work of the same name by Ria Pacquée was used as a guideline. From major social themes to small anecdotes: the versatile natural element (water) sparked a lot of inspiration from large social themes to small anecdotes from life. No fewer than 270 makers set to work, from which a three-member jury made a selection.

This piece was selected and part of the exhibition.

About VACANCES A LA MER: I quickly made the link between water and holiday photos by the sea: you can find them in every family album. I also noticed that it doesn’t matter whether you know the people in the picture or not, everyone has had moments like this. They form a collective memory of holidays at the beach. The images evoke moments that bring back other memories…in the same way, the embroidery links (some) photos to others.

The piece measures 140 x 30cm.


CORRESPONDENCE is a series of 14 unique pieces created from found vintage postcards. The story i make out of this series is that they were sent by grandparents, on tour through Italy in the 50s, to their grandchildren.
These small artworks (15x15cm) are sold out.


we thrive on liberty,
but the pandemic
limits us in who we are

is a series of seven cloud photographs as a message of hope, a reminder of natural beauty, bringing a moment of rest.

Every image was taken on August 20, 2020 in my backyard in Antwerp without filter. (We do not have to travel far away to see beautiful sunsets, it happens in our backyard.)

Circles have no beginning and no end, they symbolise unity and life. Cloud I is therefor round.
The aspect ratio of cloud X, XII, XIII, XV, XVI and XVII is 16:9, this is the most common (smartphone) screen proportion. It is a visual norm of our times.

This series is for sale as UV print on dibond. Cloud I in a limited edition of 5; cloud X, XII, XIII, XV, XVI and XVII in a limited edition of 25 per image. Every work is signed and numbered at the back. Different sizes are available, please enquire.