Every year in spring, the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are open to the public. I know i went as a kid, but i only remember the party we had at home afterwards with our friends and the Eurovision on tv…

I had not been in thirty years and couldn’t remember what it looked like or what to expect, but it sounded like a good photographic place.

I’m always on the lookout for a photogenic environment.

Income is 2,5€, so that for sure wasn’t going to stop me.

The greenhouses are built in classical-style with pavilions, glass cupolas and wide arcades. They were designed by Alphonse Balat in 1873 for King Leopold II to complement the castle of Laeken. The complex has the appearance of a glass city set in an undulating landscape.

The plant collection is what makes most people go. But i just loved the architecture. All those parallel and cutting lines in a beautiful shade of green grabbed my full attention. (I’m a sucker for mint green.) I found a lot of beautiful decay: chipping paint and rust mixed in all of it, which makes it somewhat enchanting.

From the outside, the windows have a soap bubble effect. I remember when they placed those when i was a kid. I couldn’t take my eyes off it: fairy-bubble-wonderland!


Curves, lines and graphically pleasing leaves.

A girl modelling clothes for her friend in the greenhouse. I got an awkward look while taking her pic, while she was all stars and glamour for her friend. It made me smile.

Pink Happy Thought make me think happy thoughts.

Green greenhouse architecture makes my day.

Green greenhouse architecture makes my day.

This azalea is on fire! So brightly yellow it catches all the attention.

I’m a sucker for bubbles. Imagine a soap bubble effect on architecture: feast your eyes!

Oh! And i’m a sucker for mint green as well! So there was mint green delight all over the place.

I wonder: would this geranium have been discovered one early morning in Chelsea?

Told you: mint green delight!

To stand and stare…

The advantage of so much glass, is that you can see what’s behind a closed door 🙂

The Royal Greenhouse Wonderful Wintergarden!

The Royal Greenhouse Wonderful Wintergarden admirers.

To avoid direct sunlight, some of the windows are painted this droopy sort of white.

A lovely bench to take a moment and soak up all the light and colours around.

A stroll in the park takes you on a quick trip to Japan.

I found these two agents deeply caught in conversation very typical and therefore somehow funny.

The silhouette of the roof in one of the greenhouses combined with the pointy leaves has something graphically very interesting and quite spooky too.