This gallery shows the fine art photography i created over the years.

All these photographs are for sale in limited editions, usually of five prints (signed and numbered at the back and provided of a certificate of authenticity). Please inquire about availability, format and support.


Dans cette galerie, vous trouverez les oeuvres photographiques que j’ai créé ces dernières années.

Toutes ces photos sont à vendre, la plus grande partie en serie limitée de 5 (numérotées et signées à l’arrière et accompagnées d’un certificat d’authenticité). N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour connaitre les disponibilités, formats, supports et prix.


In deze galerij vind je de fotografische kunstwerken die ik de laatste jaren creëerde.

Deze foto’s zijn te koop, meestal in een beperkte oplage van 5 (genummerd en gesigneerd aan de achterkant en vergezeld van een echtheidscertificaat). Aarzel niet om me te contacteren ivm oplages, formaten, ondergrond en prijs.



– KEEP YOUR HEAD UP – is a series of seven cloud photographs.
The idea behind the series was to bring a message of hope and a moment of rest. Two very precious things in full pandemic/lockdown.
Every image was taken on August 20, 2020 in my backyard in Antwerp without filter. It works as a reminder of natural beauty that is just around the corner and does not require traveling around the world.

About the formats: circles have no beginning and no end, they symbolise unity and life. Cloud I is therefor round.
The aspect ratio of cloud X, XII, XIII, XV, XVI and XVII is 16:9, this is the most common (smartphone) screen proportion. It has become a visual norm of our times…

This series is for sale as UV print on dibond. Cloud I in a limited edition of 5; cloud X, XII, XIII, XV, XVI and XVII in a limited edition of 25 per image. Every work is signed and numbered at the back.
Different sizes are available, please enquire.